Flip Side is a family-friendly vintage arcade  and museum where the bulk of the games are from the 80’s and 90’s, but some go back as far as 1931. Most of the games are sought after by collectors and are very rare. The pinball lineup boasts 20+ titles in the pinside all time top 100, providing hours of fun.  Jackie Rhodes and Jeremy O’Neal met through a common lifetime love of classic arcade games and Pinball.  After meeting at a church in Bristol to play “Nip-it” and spending time playing each other’s personal collections in their homes, they decided to open an arcade showcasing their combined collections in Bristol, Tn.  Their goal is to share the history and craftsmanship of games from 1931-today as well as creating an atmosphere full of family entertainment. At Flip Side children of all ages are welcome.  Most pinball and arcade machines have an integrated 3.5mm headphone jack and volume control for personal listening.  They look forward to seeing you “Playing the Flip-Side”!


Jackie has lived in Bristol most of his life.  He is married with two teenage daughters.  He is a graduate of Milligan College and is currently in the insurance industry as a Regional Manager.  Jeremy has lived in Bristol his entire life.  He is married with one daughter.  Jeremy is a graduate of King University and is a chemist for a local pharmaceutical manufacturer.  They both spent countless hours in Bristol’s iconic “GOLD MINE” in the mall in the 80’s as kids.
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