We have games from companies such as Gottlieb (their first and last pinball), Williams, Bally, Midway, Sega, Data East, Stern, and Jersey Jack Pinball.

Judge Dredd-93′-Based on the comic. 6,990 made

Black Rose-92′ A female pirate captain tells you to shoot “Broadside”.  3,746 made.

Gottlieb Bingo 1931′ The first coin operated pinball machine. Play this game for a chance to win a free pass on your next visit!

Sega Harley Davidson-99′.  The last game built by Sega. “Shaker” vibrates the game and sounds like a motorcycle.

Wonderland 1955. Only a handful of these left in the world.  From an era where it was “illegal” to play pinball 40’s-70’s.

The Addams Family 1993′.  Designed after the movie.  Highest selling DMD pinball machine in history.  20,270 units sold.